Sleep Consulting - Refresher Packages

Past clients only

Has your child experienced a regression and you're finding it challenging to help them stay on course? As Sleep Consultants, we know sleep isn’t always perfect, regressions can happen. However, if you apply what you learned during our time together, you should be able to guide your child back on track fairly quickly.

As parents, we do our best to be consistent but understand sometimes old habits can creep in, often after a vacation, illness, or those long summer days. Not to worry, we will have your child sleeping well again in no time.

For our past private coaching clients, we have tailored options available to support you every step of the way!

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin

Our Refresher options covers:

sleep consulting for babys und children refresher packages, schlaberatung für babys und kinder refresher beratung

A Phone Call – 30 Minutes: 71,40 euros

E-Mail Conversation: 23,80 euros

Support for transitioning to a toddler bed: 296,31 euros

  • Analysis via questionnaire
  • 45-minute phone call
  • Written transition plan
  • 2-week support phase (email/journal)
  • 2x 20-minute phone calls

One week of sleep coaching: 213 euros

  • Analysis via questionnaire/journal
  • 30-minute phone call
  • 1-week support phase (email/journal)
  • 2x 20-minute phone calls

*Refresher services are open to clients we have previously worked with. New clients can book a discovery call or click below to learn more about our baby & toddler sleep coaching services.

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We put the needs of your child and you as a mom first. We do not advise you to simply let your child cry or leave them alone.

Our advice is based on scientific studies, many years of experience as a sleep consultant and my own experiences as a mom of two with two very different children.

We not only want you to get more sleep, but also more security in dealing with your child and therefore provide you with flexible routines and tips for everyday life as a mom. You will enjoy the result of our collaboration for years to come: Healthy sleeping habits for your child.

Expecting Parents

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0-4 Months

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4-18 months

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Toddler & CHILDREN
>1.5 years

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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin