Premium Sleep consulting - for even more confidence

All ages

With these premium options, we want to give you even more support and the times of our care are more flexible. Perhaps you are always alone with your baby and your partner travels a lot for work or you have the support of a nanny who needs to be supervised with our help. The Premium options can be booked flexibly at any time. With our premium offer, we simply want to give you the opportunity to feel that you are being taken by the hand and can contact us every day or we can also come to your family for the first bedtime supervisions.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin

Our Premium options covers:

Premium Optionen Schlafberatung

The consultation can take place at the weekend

A flexible and indivdual number of follow up calls, if desired we can speak on a daily basis

Daily check-ins via WhatsApp 

In-Home Sleep Concierge Service half night/full night

Price: on request

how we can help you: sleep Consultation by


We put the needs of your child and you as a mom first. We do not advise you to simply let your child cry or leave them alone.

Our advice is based on scientific studies, many years of experience as a sleep consultant and my own experiences as a mom of two with two very different children.

We not only want you to get more sleep, but also more security in dealing with your child and therefore provide you with flexible routines and tips for everyday life as a mom. You will enjoy the result of our collaboration for years to come: Healthy sleeping habits for your child.

Expecting Parents

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0-4 Months

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4-18 months

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Toddler & CHILDREN
>1.5 years

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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin