Sleep Consultant Steffi

SLEEP SENSE™ SLEEP CONSULTANT, pediatric nurse and
Maternity Nurse

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin
Steffi Höflmeier, Schlafberaterin Sleep Sense™ und Kinderkrankenschwester in München und International. contact you sleep consultant and sleep coach steffi for a free 20 minute call

If you haven’t slept well for a long time because a little one is affecting your sleep at night, I know exactly how you feel.

As a maternity nurse, I often experience first-hand what it means to not get enough sleep. However, I am well aware of how important restful sleep is and how sleep deprivation negatively affects your everyday life and that of your child. That’s why the topic of baby sleep and how babies actually sleep has been part of my everyday work for some time now.

In almost 7 years of professional experience with babies and toddlers in private households, I have come to realize which sleep strategies work well and that every baby can actually learn to sleep. I have become a real expert for babies and toddlers. All it takes is a little help from us to establish a positive sleep association.

My training as a sleep consultant using the Sleep Sense method has only reinforced this and I would now like to help you and your child and share my knowledge with you.

Together we will find a needs-oriented and individual path for your baby or toddler.

I will accompany you step by step through the sleep learning phase and walk the path together with you.

My wish and my goal is for young and old to regain the night-time rest that is so important for us all.


Client review

Steffi has changed our lives. Paul is a super relaxed baby, except when it came to sleeping. He was awake every 2 hours, sometimes even more. We were really worried and skeptical about him learning to sleep at all and how he would take to it, but Steffi was amazing!!!! She gave me so much support and helped me to be so confident during this journey. Our little man was sleeping through the night after just a few days and our bond has become so much stronger, I can’t thank her enough. I can really recommend a sleep consultation with Steffi to anyone, better early than late, it’s just not worth sleeping badly any longer!!!

Parents of P., 9 months

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin