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Building Healthy Sleep Habits for Life

As trained and certified sleep consultants we help tired families to get better sleep and to develop healthy sleep habits.

Newborn -8 years old

About us

Our sleep consultation has a gentle and holistic approach. We make it a point to consider educational attitudes, family needs and individuality. So that you are comfortable with the proposed sleeping plan.


Sleepystar offers several sleep packages from Newborn to -years, to teach children healthy sleep habits. By working closely with you, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation and concerns.

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Book a free 20 -minutes discovery call to understand where your biggest struggles are and determine how we can best support you to reach your goals. Click below and get in touch with one of us.


Achieve peaceful nights and well-rested days with private sleep coaching for your unique family.

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Hello Mum,

I know exactly how you feel right now. As a mother myself, I have experienced how grueling nights and days with little sleep can be for a family. You want sleep to be something easy and beautiful for your baby and you want to sleep and time for yourself and your partner.

I am convinced that parenthood should not mean being constantly sleep-deprived. You and your baby need and deserve adequate and good sleep to stay healthy.

As a certified sleep consultant and educator, I`ve worked with children for more then 10 years, three years as a sleep consultant to help babies and children develop good, healthy sleep habits so that sleep becomes something beautiful again for you as a family.

Let’s focus on your child`s needs and achieve a relaxed sleep relationship for your child.

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1:1 Sleep consultations change families

We put the needs of your child and you as a mom first. We do not advise you to simply let your child cry or leave them alone.

Our advice is based on scientific studies, many years of experience as a sleep consultant and my own experiences as a mom of two with two very different children.

We not only want you to get more sleep, but also more security in dealing with your child and therefore provide you with flexible routines and tips for everyday life as a mom. You will enjoy the result of our collaboration for years to come: Healthy sleeping habits for your child.

Expecting Parents

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0-4 Months

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4-18 months

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Toddler & CHILDREN
>1.5 years

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What makes us different?

Why Sleep is so important

We will give you comprehensive scientific information on why adequate sleep is vital to your child’s well-being. This information will motivate you to rethink your child’s sleep habits and develop a positive attitude towards implementing change.

Individual Sleep plan

Theory is important, but it doesn’t show you what you can actually do. And that’s exactly what parents need: an easy-to-follow guide to managing their unique baby’s sleep. From how and when to what and what not, create for yourself an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan that offers clear instructions while taking into account your individual goals and desires.

holding your hand

During the implementation of your sleep plan, we will be by your side, encouraging you and giving you insight into what you can expect. We remain in daily communication throughout the consultation period and work closely together to adjust the sleep plan as needed. It is also possible to contact us in the future as new challenges arise.

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Meet our Sleep Consultants

We are Sleepystar, trained and certified sleep consultants, here to create your personalized sleep plan. We put our whole heart into our work to make sleep a beautiful experience for your family once again. With empathy, scientific expertise, and experience, we help you and your baby achieve restful sleep.

Carla Kurtin sleep consultant for babys, schlafberaterin für babys, sleepconsultancy

Carla Kurtin

Focus on babies 1 year - children 8 years

steffi höflmair sleep consultant for abys schlafberaterin für babys, sleep consultancy, contact

Steffi Höflmair

Specialized for babies 0-18 months


Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin