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About us

Are sleepless nights and exhausting bedtime routines causing you to doubt your parenting abilities? Worry no more! We are here to bring peace and harmony back to your family.

As highly experienced sleep consultants, we are committed to helping parents and their little ones achieve the restorative sleep they need and deserve.

Meet our Sleep Consultants

We are Sleepystar, trained and certified sleep consultants, here to create your personalized sleep plan. We put our whole heart into our work to make sleep a beautiful experience for your family once again. With empathy, scientific expertise, and experience, we help you and your baby achieve restful sleep.

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Carla Kurtin

Focus on babies 1 year - children 8 years

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Steffi Höflmair

Specialized for babies 0-18 months

Sleep consulting for all ages

Becoming a certified Sleep Sense consultant in 2021 I founded Sleepystar. Now with over three years of experience, we`ve become a trusted consultation for parents throughout Germany and beyond.

Guided by the philosophy that every family deserves a good night’s sleep, I`ve dedicated years to refining our techniques and customizing our services to meet the unique needs of each family we assist. Whether you want your baby to nap on a schedule, make bedtime easier, or sleep through the night, we can help.

No two babies are alike, and neither are their sleep challenges. That’s why we provide individualized sleep solutions tailored to your family’s specific needs.

Sleep consultation philosophy, baby all ages

„Help me to do it myself.“

Maria Montessori

Philosophie Schlafberatung Mama mit schlafendem Baby. philosophy sleep consultation. sleep sense

Working as a sleep consultant means being welcomed into a family home and being able to create a positive change. We take this responsibility and trust seriously and value it highly. Our sleep counseling has a gentle and holistic approach. It is based on the fact that healthy sleep helps babies and children grow up to be healthy, curious, full of life, and eager to learn. Quality sleep that our children get every night and during the day is just as important as a healthy and balanced diet. Our sleep coaching is about gently and sustainably giving your baby/child the confidence to fall asleep and sleep through the night independently, based on their age.

We adapt our consultation for each individual child

We are convinced that with loving guidance and confidence, children can acquire this skill.Our method is recognized by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. Their goal is to ensure the highest standard of professional sleep counseling around the world so that clients are advised and guided with expertise, professionalism, and ethical care. In addition, Sleepystar is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and the International Pediatric Sleep Association.

We make it a point to consider educational attitudes and family needs. By working closely with you, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation and concerns. This is the basis for improving your sleeping situation, taking into account your child’s character and stage of development.

Your child is our number one concern and every action will be explained to you in detail. You will understand why particular changes need to be made, followed by guidance or how to implement those changes. We believe that sleep problems can be solved by looking at a range of elements. These include associations, dependency patterns, and understanding the history and circumstances surrounding particular sleep issues. The BZgA recommendations for safe baby sleep, are always considered and Carlas educational background allows her to recognize any potential concerns.

Happier children and refreshed families

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child enjoyed laying down in their bed at night because they feel tired and know that this is the only way this uncomfortable feeling will pass? That’s what we can do together.

Carla & Steffi

This is what makes the Sleepystar method special:

My method and approach are based on the findings of scientific studies*, the 20 years of experience of my trainer, and my experience as a mother of two and sleep consultant.

That’s a lot of knowledge and experience – you can trust in it.

We tailor scientific findings to fit into your daily life so that they can be implemented practically.

Feel free to tell us about your situation, and we’ll explain how we can help you.

* Here you will find a selection of scientific studies and publications on which my collaboration with you is based. I approach all topics related to baby and child sleep scientifically in my work.

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