Maternity Sleep Consultation

Why Expecting Parents Should Consider Sleep Consulting during pregnancy?

Preparing for parenthood is an exciting and joyous journey, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest concerns for expecting parents, particularly mothers, is the looming prospect of sleepless nights once the baby arrives. Sleep consulting during pregnancy can be a game-changer, offering invaluable support and guidance for a smoother transition into parenthood.

Sleep consulting provides an opportunity for expecting parents to communicate openly about their concerns and expectations. Creating a dialogue with a sleep consultant fosters a supportive environment, allowing parents to share their fears, ask questions, and receive personalized advice. This communication sets the foundation for ongoing support during the postpartum period and beyond.

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Kostenloses Kennenlernen

Free Evaluation Call (20 minutes)

This free evaluation call allows you to explain your situation to me and I explain in detail how I can support you.

Hand in Hand gemeinsam zum Ziel

Two 1:1 Sleep Consultation (60 minutes)

I can help you set a strong sleep foundation from the start by teaching you how to create a soothing sleep environment and helping you set a relaxed but guided flow to your day that will help you and your newborn feel more at ease as you get to know each other. 

The 1st consultation takes place 1 – 4 weeks before the birth.

The 2nd consultation takes place approx. 4 weeks after the birth.

Schlafplan für euer Kind

E-Book about Newborn Sleep

You will receive the most important information as a PDF after our conversation.


290 Euro (incl. 19% VAT.)

Our stance: Healthy sleeping habits from birth

It’s important to remember that healthy and balanced sleep habits start at birth. The preventative work you do in the first few months will have a positive impact on your sleep and health right from the start.

Quality sleep is essential for overall well-being, and it becomes even more crucial during pregnancy. Expectant mothers often face hormonal changes, physical discomfort, and an array of emotions that can impact their sleep patterns. By addressing sleep concerns early on, parents can establish healthy sleep habits and improve the chances of a well-rested household.

Building a Strong Foundation for the Baby:

Sleep consulting is not just about the parents; it’s also an investment in the baby’s well-being. Research suggests that a mother’s stress levels and sleep patterns during pregnancy can influence the baby’s development and sleep patterns after birth. By addressing sleep concerns before delivery, parents can contribute to a positive sleep environment for their newborn, promoting healthy sleep habits from the start.

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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Sleepystar Schlafberatung - Carla Kurtin